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Development of pilot projects

In line with the Sustainable development goals envisioned by the organization, Ndalo heritage Trust plans to roll out its first two pilot projects aliased: udongo kwa maisha and Maarifa kwa maisha, to begin in 2021. In partnership with the respective county governments and partners from South Africa the two aim to be the foundation towards creating a better community.

The pilot project Maarifa kwa Maisha (MKM) is based on SDG3 of Health and Wellness, while Udongo kwa Maisha (UKM) is based on SDG2 of poverty and hunger eradication majorly through Agribusiness. The conceptual frames are The Human Scale Development and The Child Development Learning and Play Interventions.

For UKM the lead consultant will be Barbara (Ndalo economic consultant) while Prof. Madie will oversee MKM, both working with Ndalo team and communities in Siaya, Busia, Nakuru and Kisumu.

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