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Gregory Van Heerden

Head Coach and Facilitation consultant

Background in Anthropology, Psychology (BA Hons Social Science) , business management and High-Performance Sport, coaching and facilitation

Gregory has a background in Anthropology, Psychology (BA Hons Social Science) , business management and over fifteen years’ experience in the field of High-Performance Sport, coaching and facilitation.  


He is driven by the intense desire to affect real change in the lives of others, and by so doing, help them to achieve a deep level of self-awareness and realise their real potential.  As Lead Facilitator and Head Coach of 5 Moves Ahead a business collaboration which provides Facilitation, training, Coaching, mentoring, and personal development services to individuals and businesses he has worked with a vast and varied pool of clients from community level up to senior business executives. 

And whilst his methodology exponentially empowers people to embrace change and seek growth it is his ability to guarantee the embedding of a state of mind that results in a state of action which places him at the cutting edge of his field. 

Gregory Van Heerden
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