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Soil for Life

Soil for Life initiative, also called Udongo Kwa Maisha (UKM), represents an initiative to support Ndalo Heritage Trust's passion and committment towards assisting the community to learn better agricultural techniques, improve food production and enhance sustainability at the community level.

Introduction to UKM

Soil for Life is proud to be sharing its knowledge on natural food growing with Ndalo Heritage Trust - Kenya.


Ndalo Heritage Trust uses a bottom-up approach to educate expectant mothers and the wider community on the nutritional and developmental needs of children - from conception to their second birthday. This 1000 day day period is the optimal window for establishing a solid and healthy foundation for a child's physical, psychological and emotional development and well-being.

Soil for Life's training is being used to teach expectant mothers and the broader community how to grow food naturally and sustainably. The training works in parallel with Ndalo's core programmes that teach the fundamentals of maternal, infant, and child nutrition and development. It also provides beneficiaries with practical skills in child care, child stimulation and self-care.


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