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Our Programmes 

  • Nurturing Care Programmes 

Ndalo Heritage Trust partners with the local communities and stakeholders in undertaking nutrition sensitive and specific activities for nurturing care of children in the first 1000 days of life and their mothers to ensure a realization of impactful interventions on: disability responsiveness, good health, adequate nutrition, responsive caregiving, opportunities for early learning, and security & safety. Our nurturing care supports SDG3 campaign (health and wellness) in Kenya.

  • Nutrition support programmes

Aim at addressing malnutrition through professional care plans, home visits, individual counselling, nutrition assessment, child-child programmes, parent programmes


  • Agripreneurship programmes

Aim at addressing poverty, unemployment, hunger and malnutrition by focusing on the pillars of food security (accessibility through scaling production and Utilisation). Additionally, commercialisation of surplus produce and food wastage management.

  • Green Legacy Initiatives

  1. Protection of catchment areas

Aims to improve water access through the identification, mapping, designing, planting of water friendly and economic trees and monitoring of the growth and development of trees at site.

     2. Community tree nurseries


The communities are supported to establish tree nurseries which are raised, managed, transported and planted with the objectives of forest restoration and community development.


    3. Restoration of degraded forests


We bring together the locals, forest practitioners and policy makers in order to find feasible approaches for restoration and for keeping forests in a healthy and fully functional state and to accelerate recovery of forest structure, ecological functioning and biodiversity levels.


    4. Greening Schools

Healthy indoor air quality and classroom acoustics are just two elements of green schools that can contribute directly to enhanced student and teacher performance.  Indoor environmental quality has a pronounced effect on the health and productivity of students, teachers and school staff. Ventilation rates, air pollutants, humidity levels, and temperature ranges, all need to be effectively controlled. This program provides schools with the strategies to take steps toward improving environmental inefficiencies within their own school buildings.

  • Social skills programmes

Aim to break the negative trends and patterns experienced in underprivileged communities by providing behavioural soft skills to allow children to thrive and build a hopeful future: community care programmes, psychosocial focus groups with parents , preschool recreation and outings, poetry, drama, songs, dances, family history research, art and crafts, gentlemen and fair ladies 


  • Professional skills programmes

These programmes intend to tackle poverty and unemployment by providing beneficiaries with the necessary soft skills, experience and networks that can pave way for employment or self-employment: for instance, young chefs, event planning, trainings, entrepreneurship capacity building and digital storytelling
Research, consultancies and private nutrition care 

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