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Who we are

NDALO Heritage (NDALO) was started by a group of volunteers in 2020 in response to the need to promote nutrition and food security during the first 1000days of life in underprivileged communities of Sub Saharan Africa. NDALO engages stakeholders such as farmers, households and preschool practitioners on community agri-business projects such as organic farming, bee keeping, fish farming and poultry. This is aimed at helping improve public access and utilization of nutritious foods.

Ndalo also has a green legacy initiative which is making it simple for anyone to improve the environment by planting trees, ultimately for the realization of SDGs 6, 7 & 13.  What makes us unique is our inclusion of the community and community empowerment. We prioritize on creating seamless partnerships to ensure we deliver top quality partner projects to the community. We work with communities, Community Forest Associations and Kenya Forest Service, to identify degraded forest lands that need reforestation. On community farms, we support farmers to plant trees for fuel wood, timber, nitrogen balance, soil improvement, fruits, fodder and general agroforestry trees. In addition, our organization works with schools and churches in their tree planting efforts.

The organisation is registered in Kenya under the Ministry of East Africa Community, Labour and Social Protection Department of Social Development.
NDALO has diverse and experienced human resource including international partners who are often contracted for services. It also
 has exhibition centres where community members and farmers can access fresh farm produce as well as obtain training and mentorship on sustainable agriculture.

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